Super White Maize Meal

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Each year, many millions of tonnes of both yellow and white maize will be harvested across South Africa and safely stored in silos before they are sent off to the mills to be processed.

Not only does Zesto proudly process maize so that it can be used in a variety of popular white maize products but we are also helping to feed nations beyond South African borders with our exported maize.

Zesto Group Super White Maize Meal

1kg White Maize Meal

Zesto Group Super White Maize Meal

2.5kg White Maize Meal

Zesto Group Super White Maize Meal

5kg White Maize Meal

Zesto Group Super White Maize Meal

10kg White Maize Meal

Zesto Group Super White Maize Meal

12.5kg White Maize Meal

Zesto Group Super White Maize Meal

25kg White Maize Meal

Zesto Group Super White Maize Meal

50kg White Maize Meal

Zesto Group Super White Maize Meal

80kg White Maize Meal

You can buy your white maize directly from Zesto at affordable prices. We also sell samp, yellow B grit and maize flour as well as maize rice. Get in touch with our team today.

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We process both yellow and white maize allowing you to buy your maize of choice.

White maize is the most popular maize on today’s market. Far more popular than yellow maize, white maize has many traits in common with yellow maize, however, it is slightly less nutritious. The reason for the difference in colour lies with a single gene. Each maize grain is, in fact, a seed that can grow into an entirely new plant, and each new plant will have a mixture of genes from the parent plants. When it comes to yellow and white maize, the difference lies in the nutritive tissues which surround the embryo. These tissues are called the endosperm. The single gene that has an effect on the colour of the maize lies within the endosperm. As a result of this gene, you won’t only get yellow and white maize, but you can also get red and purple maize, among others!

White Maize as a Staple South Africa Food

Consumed by almost all households in South Africa, in one product form or another, white maize is more commonly eaten than yellow maize. The differences between these two types of maize might be very subtle, but they are enough to make people prefer eating white maize instead of yellow. White maize has got to be one of the most versatile staple foods on the market and it can be eaten as both a breakfast food as well as a dish served with an evening meal. We produce a few white maize meal products, ranging from your traditional mielie meal pap to samp and maize flour.

The Importance of Maize as a Plant

Today, maize production surpasses that of wheat and rice as a staple food for both people and animals alike. But maize is not a plant indigenous to South Africa. This plant originates from Southern Mexico and its history dates back roughly 10 000 years. White maize is not only consumed as a main side dish, but it is also processed further in order to produce other food products such as corn syrup, corn starch. Throughout the world, maize is known by different names. In North America, maize is known as corn while Southern Africa we call maize either mielies or mealies, which are both words taken from the Portuguese word for maize which is milho.

White maize is packed with plenty of nutrients and raw maize kernels can contain 76% water, 19% carbohydrates, 3% protein, and 1% fat. White maize also contains various vitamins B, thiamine, niacin, folate, and pantothenic acid. Along with these nutrients, white maize has dietary fibre, magnesium and phosphorus.