Wholesome, healthy samp now available

Samp is a South African product that can be found in shops throughout the country. Alongside maize meal, samp is another staple food. At Zesto we manufacture high quality, yet affordable samp. When you buy your samp from us, you will be getting a quality product at the best prices.

Zesto Group Samp

10kg Samp

Zesto Group Samp

12.5kg Samp

Zesto Group Samp

50kg Samp

Samp is a proudly South African meal with samp and beans being a commonly eaten dish. You can buy your high quality samp from Zesto! We also stock maize rice and yellow B grit.

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What is samp?

To produce traditional samp, dry corn kernels are stamped and roughly chopped. The result is a product that is not as fine as mielie meal or maize rice. This simple process results in a food that is quite delicious and very easy to prepare. Samp is highly nutritious as well with some of the nutrients you will get include vitamin B5, vitamin B1 and vitamin B3. Samp also has magnesium, copper and phosphorus.