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Mamma Themba is one of the up and coming brands in South Africa manufacturing high-quality, exceptionally affordable mielie meal. Selling yellow maize meal and white mielie meal, Mamma Themba is not just responsible for mielie meal for pap, they are also manufacturing instant porridges and chop.

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“In just 5 short years, the company has grown exponentially, with their healthy food available across South Africa as well as beyond the borders.”

The various products available can be enjoyed at any time of the day, making breakfast and dinner especially nutritious and filling. With carbs, fibre and just about every vitamin and mineral your body could possibly need to keep going, maize meal can become the most important addition any persons diet.

The price of maize meal is another quality that makes it well worth buying. Maize remains one of the more affordable food products. While the price of everything else on the shelf might fluctuate drastically, maize tends to stay steady.

Delicious Mamma Themba Mielie Meal to Satisfy your Hunger

Call it maize meal, call it corn meal or call it mielie meal: the name that you give this staple food won’t change the taste or the incredible nutritional value. There is more than one reason why mielie meal is eaten all over the world. Corn is arguably the most versatile cereal on the planet. So much can be done with this grain that it has a place in every home. The more you refine the grain, the more products you can make from it. Sweet corn and popcorn might be the two most common forms of maize eaten around the world, but they are by no means the staple product that maize meal has become.

“Not only is maize a staple food on its own, but it is also the key ingredient in numerous other food products on today’s market. Think corn syrup, tortillas and certain chips.”

Yellow maize meal or white mielie meal?

Really, it is more of a case of personal preference and taste than anything else. Whether it is yellow maize meal or white mielie meal, the nutritional value is pretty much the same. The biggest difference between the two types of maize meal, other than the colour, is that yellow maize tends to have more vitamin A.

Generally, white maize is the more commonly eaten cereal, but yellow maize is the most produced. Yellow maize meal is produced in higher quantities because it is nutritious and can be enjoyed by people and livestock alike.

It is because not everyone is aware of the amazing benefits of yellow maize meal, that white mielie meal still has a preferential place in the home. This mind set is slowly but surely changing as more and more people come to understand that yellow maize is also good for you!

About chop and other maize animal feed

While we all know that maize is a staple food for many, it is also a great food for livestock. Of the 14 million tonnes of maize produced in South Africa on average each year, many thousands of tonnes will be used for animal feed. Yellow maize meal is in most cases preferably used as animal feed, with the nutrients giving animals everything they need to grow.

The maize that is not going to be used for human consumption is called chop. It is often used to feed cattle and is supplied in large quantities to farms throughout South Africa.

We stock a selection of high-quality chop as well as both types of maize meal. As a well-known supplier and manufacturer of maize products, you can always Zesto!

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