Maize Rice

High-quality maize rice for sale from Zesto

It is not just delicious A grade maize meal that we provide, we also supply maize rice at great prices. With us, you can save by buying your rice in bulk and as South Africa’s expert rice exporters, we will deliver your rice all around South Africa.

There are a variety of different types of rice on the market with white rice, brown rice and maize rice being the three most commonly known. Maize rice differs from brown and white rice in a number of ways, with the biggest difference being that one product is rice while the other is corn.

Zesto Group Maize Rice

10kg Maize Rice

Zesto Group Maize Rice

12.5kg Maize Rice

At Zesto, we manufacture delicious maize rice along with numerous other maize products, such as samp and yellow B grit. Contact us today to find out more.

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Why maize rice is the healthier option

Rice made from corn is a coarse maize product that is not as coarse as maize meal but is finer than samp. Maize rice is the perfect complement to a meal of meat and vegetables. Bulk maize rice has fewer calories than your conventional rice and it also has far fewer carbs. Basically, maize rice is a healthier option and it has a great taste.

Buying rice in bulk is the better option when you are looking to save money and always have enough stock in your shop or food on your shelf at home.

What is maize rice?

Maize rice is a lot finer than samp but it is coarser than your maize meal options. Because it is highly nutritious, it is something that can be included with almost every meal. Maize rice is basically, finely chopped maize. The germ and the bran have been removed. It is the starch that is between the germ and the bran that becomes the rice.

Some of the vitamins that are common with maize rice include Vitamin A, Vitamin C and Vitamin E while the product also has plenty of carbohydrates. Maize rice can be boiled or fried and it is very easy to prepare.