About Us

Zestogroup is an Agricultural Holding Company with various subsidiaries in other sectors and inter-related companies with strong, established and long term relationships with numerous national enterprises.

We as the Zestogroup of companies were established in 1972 as we started with humble beginnings. We have an embedded passion and grounded knowledge of the industry and we pride ourselves as leaders in these sectors. Our expansion has been rapid and we are steadily excelling in the market.

Our Vision:

Our Mission:

Meet the Team:

Wilma Lindsay

Operations Manager

Stefan Botha

Accounts Manager

Bertus Nortje

Chief Operations Officer

Japie Pretorius

Operations Co-ordinator

Madelie Grobler

Human Resources Manager

Dewald Botes

Dispatch Manager

Rudi de Bruin

Production Manager

Nadia Lindsay

Sales and Marketing Manager

Boeta Grobler

Company Owner and CEO